Tantra massage Ibiza

Tantra massage Ibiza

Tantra massage Ibiza is an amazingly sexy massage service. We are located in Ibiza to serve the best, most elegant and also the highest voltage massage therapies!

Tantra massage Ibiza

So we are here to serve you.

Just call us now and book the perfect timing for your massage: contact.

You will find updated pictures of all of us masseuses. Serving in Ibiza, Santa Eulària d’es Riu and also Sant Antoni: www.eroticmassageibiza.com

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What is Tantra massage Ibiza

Tantra massage is an erotic massage style. Consequently it is a sensual therapy for your enjoyment. Because Tantra is a bodywork that stimulates your sexual energies. So it excites your sexual desire.

As tantric masseuses we use certain techniques not to take you too fast to the climax and ejaculation. Because it is about ejaculation control. This way your time for enjoyment is much longer. Finally your mind will be absolutely disconnected. So you will leave stressing thoughts and troubles far away!

Lastly you can feel free and abandon yourself to sensual enjoyment. You absolutely deserve to find the paradise on earth. Always with us!

Tantra massage Ibiza includes all the grips and techniques:

  • Lingam massage or penis massage
  • Body to body massage
  • Erotic shower massage
  • Prostate massage
  • Anal massage
  • Back and front massage
  • Feet massage
  • And many others! The longer the session, the higher amount of erotic grips.
  • 90 minutes sessions allow you to achieve your double climaxing!

Out-call Tantra massage Ibiza

Did we tell we are specialised in visiting you at your hotel? We usually serve luxury hotels as Gran Ibiza Hotel, Ushuaia, Hard Rock or the Corso Hotel. And many other premium venues on the island.

We are extremely discrete as well. Since we are no prostitutes we dress as normally young ladies usually do in Ibiza.

We never expose your public profile.

In-call Tantra massage Ibiza

Some of our team mates also have a personal massage studio. Please make your booking so we can schedule your appointment and deliver the best experience for you. Though please plan ahead to make sure we are available!


Check the wonderful updated pictures of all of us ladies in Ibiza.

See you soon in Ibiza!

You can also check our mother website www.hotelmassage.eu depicting our teams in Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia and Marbella.

Recently we also added one lady in London and one lady in Dubai.

Body to body massage Ibiza

Body to body massage Ibiza

Body to body massage Ibiza is a high voltage massage therapy! Now you are in Ibiza you should not miss it!

After you read more about it here please feel free to call. That’s the best way to make your reservation: contact

Body to body massage Ibiza

As the name suggests, body to body means rubbing our bodies against yours. This is a relevant part of our Extremely Erotic Massage, the hottest, the most sexual and the most intimate massage you’ll ever enjoy in Ibiza!

And probably in the World!

We also use our breasts to perform this intimate skin to skin contact. You’ll feel our breasts on top of your back, on top of your chest —though maybe more. It just depends on the massage menu you choose.

Of course the session duration has also an impact on the final performance. The longer the session, the more erotic grips we’ll be able to use on you.

Out-call massage Ibiza

We also serve it as a premium out-call massage service! It is a privilege and a real treat to have it right it you own hotel room!

So save your time coming and going. And after the massage you’ll be able to stay in bed!

Taxis are included for the hotels inside Ibiza city.

We also have a lady in Santa Eulària d’es Riu, so if you choose Mey, she’ll serve you with no extra travel cost.

Finally, please check more detailed info on body to body Ibiza.

In-call massage Ibiza

If you prefer visiting us at our own massage studios you can also do it this way. Because we perform some really exciting body to body massage Ibiza!

It is as easy as calling us and setting up an appointment. See you today!

So make your reservation calling now: contact

Sexy Body to body massage Ibiza

Now this is something nice and very sexy! Because we use all of our bodies to deliver a hot and spicy massage. Really intimate, very horny and with some side effects you will love!

For more information please visit www.eroticmassageibiza.com

Call us now to make your booking: contact

Please check also www.hotelmassage.eu

Lingam massage Ibiza

Lingam massage Ibiza

Lingam massage Ibiza: because we are the most expert masseuses! Though Lingam massage is not only a technique but a talent.

Trust us because we have this seducing and stimulating talent!

Sexual fantasies Ibiza

Now you are in ibiza you can finally feel free and release from stress and routine. So it is about time you live up your hottest fantasies!

As you know, sensual and sexual fantasies are a relevant once you reach in Ibiza. This is the island where you are free to enjoy whatever hot stuff you wish to experience!

What is Lingam massage?

So Lingam massage Ibiza is about a very special stimulation. “Lingam” means “penis” in the ancient Sanskrit language from India.

Though Lingam is the sacred organ, it is literally translated meaning “light stick”. This stick will illuminate your life, your body and mind. On top of this, we know exactly how to make it work!

Grips of lingam

Since Lingam massage techniques are not just a bunch of strokes. The best masseuses need to be trained!

We are very expert and know the widest range of lingam massage techniques in Ibiza.

Call us now to make your reservation! We will be very happy to serve you and give you the kind of pleasure you are craving for!

Lingam massage Ibiza: contact

Eroticism using lingam massage

Yes the kind of stimulating lingam massage Ibiza we are offering you is a very hot experience.

One of the main features is making your pleasure last as long as possible. Some men call it “edging”. We will be stimulating you during one hour, 90 minutes or even 2 hours. It all depends on the session length you prefer.

You are also welcomed to climax twice or even three times. It all depends on the session time you choose.

Please see the prices here: www.eroticmassageibiza.com

Out-call lingam massage Ibiza

We are very discreet.

Are you e in your hotel in Ibiza or in Sant Antoni? Have us travel to your location!

Since we are used to serve the most luxurious hotels in Ibiza. We can easily access your door. So you save your time and the taxi expenses of traveling around the island.

In-call lingam massage Ibiza

If you prefer visiting us at our studio just say so! Make your booking on the phone or via SMS and we will see you at our place!

Call now: contact

See you in Ibiza!

Please check also www.hotelmassage.eu

Massage in Ibiza

Massage in Ibiza

Massage in Ibiza: because those men and couples who think massage quality is a must. They are precisely the ones choosing us in Ibiza!

Why is quality so relevant for us?

Reliable massage in Ibiza

If you prefer honesty and need the most reliable massage service you’ll call us. Anytime: contact

So call us or send us an SMS with your request. We always answer!

We can serve you in many different ways. Learn all the options because we are certain there’s your favourite one!

Honest massage in Ibiza

We are always honest about the real amount of time we need to get to your door.

We are always striving for the top quality service!

And yes it is erotic massage. Some people call it sex massage. We think sex massage has a slightly different meaning though.

This is relevant to us: we are also honest about our service. How close is it to sex massage?

Best massage in Ibiza

Since we only work with the best female masseuses on the island. So we only work with sexy young ladies who have proven their massage quality.

Our team is made up exclusive by therapists who are expert.

We’d also like to stress the fact that all of our pictures are real, recent and true. We never send any other ladies. You can always make your own choice!

If you prefer gorgeous ladies, quality professionals and if you need the most reliable service you’ll call us.

Anytime: contact

Recurring massage in Ibiza

That’s why our customers are loyal and very frequently recurring.

“I had once called this other agency because you were booked out. I felt tricked in too many ways. They sent a different lady because she was not the one on the picture I chose. She asked for more money. That’s a no-no, an awful and uncomfortable experience”.

Blissful massage in Ibiza

Enjoying a massage in Ibiza is something really special. It also depends on you to make it the blissful bodywork you wish to have. Choose us so you’ll get the best quality and value.

Erotic massage in Ibiza

Yes we are specialised in going the sweetest and the spiciest way. Because we are using the most pleasing grips from Tantra massage, Thai massage and Hawaiian massage.

These grips include lingam massage, testicle massage, prostate massage and of course the amazingly intimate body to body massage.

Also the trendiest of erotic massages today: nuru massage!

Maybe you want to try it sometime?

For those who know it, it gets close to an addiction!

We are quite certain you are a picky guy and need the best service. So the best quality in all that matters to a massage. We know you’ll call us.

Of course we always encourage you to try all other services. That’s the best way to compare and make the best choice!

Anytime: contact

Please check our full website to learn much more about our service: www.eroticmassageibiza.com

Try a massage in Ibiza! See you on this amazing island!

We can also serve you in Sant Antoni. Please check http://www.eroticmassageibiza.com/massage-sant-antoni.html

You’ll find much more information on our mother website www.hotelmassage.eu