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Quality: service and female masseuses

Each and every of our female masseuses has been carefully chosen. Our strict criteria are: facial beauty, body sexyness, massage talent, erotic talent, from 21-35 years old, speaking English perfectly and a high level of social education.

We never work with escorts or prostitutes since they are used to another kind of service. Massage requires a specific foundation and a training for erotic bodywork. Erotic masseuses have to reunite two relevant talents: massage therapy and erotic talent. These young ladies are special because their sexual and erotic energies are powerful. You can't compare them to regular therapy masseuses nor to escorts. They are an amazingly special in-between.

Please respect their choice: they don't want to be escorts and they won't accept any extra money for sexual services.

Escorts don't usually have this training and are not able to deliver this elaborate and blissful bodywork.