Erotic massage Ibiza

Erotic massage Ibiza

Erotic massage Ibiza: finally you landed from your flight. So you are about to discover the most seducing facts about the island of Ibiza!

Ibiza is one of the Balearic Islands. It is not the smallest one. Very close to Ibiza you can also visit the almost virginal island of Formentera. Don’t miss Formentera!

Besides, don’t miss our amazing, hot and seducing sensual massage Ibiza!

Erotic massage Ibiza

Before starting to explore the island you will sure need our wonderful massage. A massage to relax, a massage to release. Also a massage to make your most special fantasies come true.

24 hours erotic massage!

This is Ibiza and there world of sensuality is alive and intense during the whole day and night!

We can serve you almost 24 hours massages from Monday to Sunday!

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All about our massage service

We will give you all the info you need to know to enjoy the best quality massage and the best price for your erotic massage Ibiza!

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See more information and pictures of the available ladies here: female masseuses in Ibiza.

Click to see al the pictures of us and choose the sexy lady you prefer. The lady you choose will come to your hotel. Call us now!

Out-call massage service

Yes we can serve you right in your room. You can be hosted at a hotel in Ibiza. Or at an apartment in Ibiza. Or maybe a finca or villa in Ibiza.

Besides, please check our prices to choose the service you want!

In-call erotic massage in Ibiza

Yes, some of us ladies do have a studio where we will be very happy to welcome you!

Camilla shares a massage studio together with other ladies.

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See you soon in Ibiza!

The new Happy ending massage when you are visiting Ibiza!

Happy ending massage

Happy ending massage is probably a new category, consequently different from the usual legitimate massages.

First off, the “Happy ending” word may sound a bit tacky. In fact our service is a zillion times better than those cheap Chinese beauty-parlor 5-minute masturbations.

Because our masseuses in Ibiza have a real professional training. Therefore they are professional masseuses. They master not just erotic massage but have also a solid foundation on many therapy massages.

Is it final release?

Let’s use that “happy ending” word just to be straightforward about our service. Erotic Tantra massage can take you to climax and ejaculation. Usually towards the end of the experience. Sometimes even twice!

This is what they call “happy ending”, so you also got it with us. Though in the context of a quality massage that we describe on our massage prices page.

Happy ending and out-call massage

As you will see, our hotel massage service in Ibiza is the most blissful one. Because the erotic masseuse you choose will work all of your body, from head to toes, to deliver an amazing experience that finally includes your climax.

If you don’t intend to climax please let her know though! All of our masseuses will respect your limits. They also expect you to respect their limits. Please remember masseuses are no escorts.

Lingam massage and release

As you can see, happy ending massage is a relevant part of the erotic Tantra massage in Ibiza. Additionally, it is present in all of our massage menus. Relaxing massage, medium erotic massage and of course in our extremely erotic massage. In this last menu you can enjoy it twice and also achieve ejaculation twice.

The goal of releasing massage

The goal of Happy ending massage is achieving a very relaxing state of pleasure. Besides, the man enjoying it has to do no effort at all, just lay back and letting the masseuse work for him in a gentle and pleasant way.

Massage grips

There are dozens of massage grips we can use. All of our expert erotic Tantra masseuses master a very wide range of them. Because they underwent a specific training to learn and perfect all the most pleasing erotic techniques. Also to massage your penis.

Happy ending… and its natural side effects!

Finally, orgasm and ejaculation are not the only purpose. Many times it comes as a side effect if the job is correctly done. You are welcomed to ask for orgasm and climax, our ladies are trained to serve you with the most blissful and sweet —for your pleasure.

Consequently, the final purpose of Happy ending massage is your relaxation. Your mind will probably get empty and then focus on a special and rare oasis where your thoughts drift to a pleasing landscape of peace, pleasure and a blissful emptiness. You will forget about worries and you will enjoy a very deserved time of abandoning yourself. You will forget stress and job.

Happy ending massage can be served with the masseuses’ hands or even using their body and breasts.

Check also: PricesFemale masseuses. Of course the previous reviews can be interesting for you as well!

We also encourage you to find the most updated directory of erotic masseuses in Ibiza.

Try the new lingam massage Ibiza!

Lingam massage Ibiza

Lingam massage Ibiza: because we are the most expert masseuses!

First off, did you know Lingam massage is not only a technique but a talent?

Trust us because we go beyond the simple training, we turn eroticsm into this seducing and stimulating talent!

Sexual fantasies Ibiza

Now you are in ibiza you can finally feel free and release from stress and routine. So it is about time you live up your hottest fantasies!

As you know, sensual and sexual fantasies are a relevant once you reach in Ibiza. This is the island where you are free to enjoy whatever hot stuff you wish to experience!

What is Lingam massage?

So Lingam massage Ibiza is about a very special stimulation. “Lingam” means “penis” in the ancient Sanskrit language from India.

Though Lingam is the sacred organ, it is literally translated meaning “light stick”. This stick will illuminate your life, your body and mind. On top of this, we know exactly how to make it work!

Grips of lingam

Since Lingam massage techniques are not just a bunch of strokes. The best masseuses need to be trained!

We are very expert and know the widest range of lingam massage techniques in Ibiza.

Call us now to make your reservation! We will be very happy to serve you and give you the kind of pleasure you are craving for!

Lingam massage Ibiza: contact

Eroticism using lingam massage

Yes the kind of stimulating lingam massage Ibiza we are offering you is a very hot experience.

One of the main features is making your pleasure last as long as possible. Some men call it “edging”. We will be stimulating you during one hour, 90 minutes or even 2 hours. It all depends on the session length you prefer.

You are also welcomed to climax twice or even three times. It all depends on the session time you choose.

Please see the prices here: Hotel Massage in Ibiza!

Out-call lingam massage Ibiza

We are very discreet. Always!

Are you e in your hotel in Ibiza or in Sant Antoni? Have us travel to your location!

Since we are used to serve the most luxurious hotels in Ibiza. We can easily access your door. So you save your time and the taxi expenses of traveling around the island.

In-call lingam massage Ibiza

If you prefer visiting us at our studio just say so! Make your booking on the phone or via SMS and we will see you at our place!

Call now: contact

See you in Ibiza!

Finally, please check all the updated listings of female masseuses with her photos and stats on Hotel Massage in Spain!

The new 2021 Nuru Massage Ibiza

Nuru massage Ibiza

Nuru massage Ibiza is the trendiest erotic massage this Summer!

You can’t miss this incredible and unique experience!

Discover the super sexy Nuru massage!

First off, let’s get ready to know everything about it!

You will most probably need to try it!

Nuru erotic massage

Asa you guess, Nuru massage is an extremely erotic and sexy massage, for the record. Most of the guys feel the need to finish it making love because the chemistry gets absolutely above the usual limits of massage!

Only the most proficient massage fans heard about it before though.

It’s your turn now! Because you absolutely deserve it!

So what is Nuru?

Nuru is a Japanese sea-weed that grows around the island.

Besides, this weed has been used for thousands of years to produce different sorts of creams and jellies.

Until somebody first use it on his body —and his wife’s!

Because this Nuru gel allows a super gliding contact. Especially when you use it on two human bodies. So rubbing against each other feels absolutely sexy, hot and… what else? Extremely exciting!

This is why we use this Nuru gel to provide you with an amazing erotic massage experience!

60 minutes Nuru Massage Ibiza

We will start this massage experience with some mutual soft caressing. So the right amount of time to empty your mind from stress.

Of course the protocols and features will vary depending on the time length you choose.

Next, the focus is sooner set to sexual excitement. Because the Nuru gel allows the longest time of body to body massage.

What body parts will she use? The lady masseuse will not only use her hands and forearms but her full body and also her breasts. Like this she will perform a very long and intense body to body massage.

The lady you choose will be totally naked —also taking off her thong.

Price: 250 €.

90 minutes Nuru Erotic massage

First off, this extended session is the starting point from which we developed the 60 minutes. This is the full length version.

This longer session starts also with some spiritual relaxation. Just enough to empty your mind.

Because the focus of this and the 120 minutes sessions is the most intense body to body contact to increase sexual arousing. So enjoy the longest time ever of body to body massage!

You can also request two or more happy endings or climaxes in these 90 and 120 minutes sessions. We see it as a “constant and never ending” happy therapy!

Enjoy prostate, perianal and anal massage, which are absolutely included!

Finally, don’t forget you can sweetly caress the masseuse’s body, including her breasts, always following her pace.

Price: 350 €.

120 minutes Nuru session

This 2-hour extremely erotic menu is the full original Nuru massage package.

Of course it includes all the features we are describing in the previous sessions.

Towards the end of the session you will also enjoy tantric or “Kama-Sutra” couple postures —without penetration.

Price: 500 €.

Do you want to choose among different professional masseuses who master this special experience?

Please kindly check the updated pictures and profiles here: erotic massage Ibiza 2021.

Grips we use for Nuru massage

Finally, a huge list of grips we are including in this amazing therapy! Of course the amount of techniques will depend on the time length you choose.

So this is the full list:

  • Starting spiritual relaxation
  • Feet reflexology
  • Buttocks relaxation and stimulation
  • Perineal relaxation and stimulation
  • Nuad-Thai using masseuses’ feet and legs
  • Lumbar relaxation and stimulation
  • Cervical and shoulders relaxation and stimulation
  • Body to body massage on your back
  • Perianal massage on your back
  • Anal and prostate massage on your back
  • Perianal massage on your front
  • Anal and prostate massage on your front
  • Testicle massage on your back
  • Testicle massage on your front
  • Abs and belly massage
  • Chest massage and nipple stimulation
  • “Lingam” massage (*)
  • Frontal body to body massage
  • Craneal relaxation
  • Facial massage
  • Hands massage
  • Sensitive relaxing massage
  • You are allowed to touch the lady masseuse
  • Two or three orgasms with ejaculation
  • Tantric postures or “kama-sutra” postures

Before calling, check also: PricesFemale masseuses. And finally contact us to set up your best appointment!

The new Massage in Ibiza also involves sacred stimulation

Massage in Ibiza

Massage in Ibiza: because those men and couples who think massage quality is a must. They are precisely the ones choosing us in Ibiza!

Why is quality so relevant for us?

Reliable massage in Ibiza

If you prefer honesty and need the most reliable massage service you’ll call us. Anytime: contact

So call us or send us an SMS with your request. We always answer!

We can serve you in many different ways. Learn all the options because we are certain there’s your favourite one!

Honest massage in Ibiza

We are always honest about the real amount of time we need to get to your door.

Furthermore, w are always striving for the top quality service!

And yes it is erotic massage. While some people call it sex massage. We think this term has a slightly different meaning though.

Did you ever try the sacred massage that comes with Tantra?

This is relevant to us: we are also honest about our service. How close is it to sex massage?

Best erotic massage in Ibiza

Since we only work with the best female masseuses on the island. So we only work with sexy young ladies who have proven their massage quality.

Our team is made up exclusive by therapists who are expert.

We’d also like to stress the fact that all of our pictures are real, recent and true. We never send any other ladies. You can always make your own choice!

If you prefer gorgeous ladies, quality professionals and if you need the most reliable service you’ll call us.

Anytime: contact

Recurring massage in Ibiza

That’s why our customers are loyal and very frequently recurring.

“I had once called this other agency because you were booked out. I felt tricked in too many ways. They sent a different lady because she was not the one on the picture I chose. She asked for more money. That’s a no-no, an awful and uncomfortable experience”.

Blissful massage for you!

Enjoying a massage in Ibiza is something really special. It also depends on you to make it the blissful bodywork you wish to have. Choose us so you’ll get the best quality and value.

The best service in Ibiza

Yes we are specialised in going the sweetest and the spiciest way. Because we are using the most pleasing grips from Tantra massage, Thai massage and Hawaiian massage.

These grips include lingam massage, testicle massage, prostate massage and of course the amazingly intimate body to body massage.

Also the trendiest of erotic massages today: nuru massage!

Maybe you want to try it sometime?

For those who know it, it gets close to an addiction!

We are quite certain you are a picky guy and need the best service. So the best quality in all that matters to a massage. We know you’ll call us.

Of course we always encourage you to try all other services. That’s the best way to compare and make the best choice!

Anytime: contact

Please check our full website to learn much more about our service:

Try a massage in Ibiza! See you on this amazing island!

You’ll find much more information on our mother website hotel massage in Ibiza.

Prostate massage Ibiza

Prostate massage Ibiza

Prostate massage Ibiza is a huge discovering for many young gentlemen.

Because during the Summer, and away from home, you feel like daring to experience new sorts of stimulations.

So indulge to your most secret temptations!

Prostate massage Ibiza

We know that there are some body parts and some areas you only touch yourself. While nobody else has access to them.

Though more and more young guys are discovering new pleasures.

Prostate massage is extremely pleasing and sexy —if you know how to carefully perform it!

Tantra massage Ibiza

There are many Tantric massage techniques. As you guess, the whole set has the only goal to archive a longer, more intense and more pleasing pleasure in sexual encounters.

Though massage is not equal to sex, the grips we can do are numerous. So the experience comes really close to the pleasure what we usually call “sex”.

Because the result in your sexual satisfaction is huge!

So now you are visiting Ibiza this is the right time to explore this new world of pleasure!

How does it relate to sex massage?

Prostate massage Ibiza: the grips

As we said before, the grips of tantric massages are almost endless. Prostate massage is just one of them:

  • Lingam massage
  • Body to body massage
  • Ejaculation control
  • Awareness
  • Oasis in space and time

These are just a few of them. We strongly encourage you to discover these and many more with us!

Benefits of Prostate massage

The benefits are easy to guess after you see these bunch of grips.

Lingam massage is about stimulating your penis following some Tantric rituals.. Needless to say it feels absolutely amazing! This is always included in all of our erotic massage packages!

Body to body massage is about full contact with your body. You can also call it skin to skin massage or nuru massage. This is an absolutely sexy experience!

The level of sexual excitement gets really high when you combine all the erotic grips we are doing.

Ejaculation control is a huge advantage because using it you won’t be climaxing too soon. Controlling your orgasm will allow you to enjoy for a much longer time than usual!

Our massage sessions have an amazing side effect. You will loose track of time and space. Your mind will surely disconnect from all worries and from routine.

After our massage you will feel re-newed, full of fresh energy and in command of your life!

Prices: Prostate stimulation

Besides prostate we can offer you several different massage packages. Though there is one specific for prostate massage.

It is always your free choice!

Book your massage now!

It is as easy as calling us!

Please call contact 

We’d also like to welcome you on our mother website about erotic massage in your hotel.  Here you’ll be also introduced to our friends in Barcelona, Madrid and Valencia!

And also more female erotic masseuses in Ibiza!

Ibiza massage studio

Ibiza massage studio

Ibiza massage studio comes in very hand whenever you can’t have the therapist visit your hotel or villa.

Ibiza massage studio benefits

Many gentlemen prefer to visit our professional massage studio. Rather than having our outcall massage service to their hotel or apartment. Which is always available as well.

So to us this is a legitimate option. Personal, private and understandable by all means!

This is why we decided to have our own massage studio in Ibiza.

Choose your lady

As you know, we are also serving hotels, apartments and luxury villas.

Most of us can serve you at our massage apartment. Just check our pictures female masseuses, choose and contact us to place your request.

It is as easy as calling us! Contact and talk to our phone valet.

What is the best time for your massage appointment?

  • Now?
  • In 30 minutes
  • In one hour
  • Anytime you wish!

We also accept appointments for next day.

If you wish to use a specific lady, please contact us to ask for her availability. If you are in a rush, the first available will be also amazing! Because all of the ladies working with us are absolutely gorgeous and amazing!

It is relevant that you understand this: you need to have an appointment with us.

Because if you show up anytime unexpectedly we might be busy.

We’d like to serve you with our full attention, exactly the way you deserve!

Contact Ibiza massage studio

Call us and set up your appointment. We can also adapt to personal preferences if you are open enough to share them with us on the phone.

Discover more than massage: longer than regular intercourse!

As you guessed: combining erotic massage with some other techniques for your enjoyment will last one hour at least! Many of our customers are frustrated by the 15 minutes gigs that other ladies restrict them to.

Finally, please feel free to check the testimonials about our services.

Check also: PricesFemale masseuses

Benefits of Ibiza massage

Benefits of Ibiza massage

Benefits of Ibiza massage are many, and also on different levels. Though we’ll try to point out the most convenient of them!

First benefits of Ibiza massage

First off, these female erotic masseuses use heir hands, forearms, feet, legs and also their breasts. Of course depending on the massage menu you choose to perform this erotic Tantra massage. During the first minutes you will feel more and more relaxed.

Benefits of Ibiza massage: sensuality to please you

Second to this, we pick the most erotic aspects from Tantra and Thai traditions. The goal is to create a very pleasant, sensual and also hot massage. It’s a very special experience, as you guess. Thousands of men visiting Ibiza have already tried it. And most of them call back when visiting the island again.

Benefits of Ibiza massage: sexual excitement

Little by little the massage will get more and more sensual. So you will feel more and more aroused. Then your mind and body will seem to disconnect.

Our masseuses have the special touch that will turn the session into very erotic —depending on the erotic intensity you choose. Finally you will feel the need to experience a climax.

Though we will not go there as soon as that.

Benefits of Ibiza massage service in Ibiza

Our out-call service has many advantages. First off, the convenient fact that you don’t need to dress up and step on the streets under the hot summer sun to look for some premises that might be far away or even not too discrete. Welcoming a young and nice lady in your room is the start of many privileges you are about to enjoy.

More benefits of Ibiza massage: save time and money

You will save time and taxis. Back and forth. The taxi rides are included in our service in Ibiza city —not the whole island— and the ladies will never ask for a tip or for taxi money. After the massage you will be able to take your time before having a shower. Or you can fall asleep —something absolutely impossible in a massage parlor.

In a nutshell:

  • Save time
  • Lay back and let others work for you
  • Save taxis
  • Relax and enjoy!
  • Save stress

What you’ll be missing

In other words, these amazing ladies are what you’ll be missing if you don’t have a massage at all. Besides their sexy massage performance. All of them are performing some really hot bodywork!

  • Camilla
  • So
  • Olivia
  • Marlenne
  • Samantha
  • More: please ask us!
  • You can also check their pictures on masseuses.

Special benefits of Ibiza massage

Erotic massage is a special kind of bodywork, to fulfill your sensual and sexual pleasure without using conventional practices (penetration or oral).

You can achieve climax and ejaculate. This is the so-called “happy ending“.

Massages take at least 45 minutes. You can choose among 45, 60, 75, 90 or 120 minutes sessions.

Please check the different Massage menus and prices. From very affordable massages to really lush therapies, from relaxing to extremely erotic. And even more!

Out-call massage

Our service is performing erotic massage at your place, namely out-call. We will serve you at your hotel room or your apartment or Finca: the female masseuses will travel to wherever you are.

Our masseuses perform the erotic massage in your room. They proceed to your room with total discretion since they are no escorts. They dress as regular young ladies do.

In-call massage

Some of our ladies own a personal and individual massage studio in Ibiza.

Please ask us who is available for in-call.

You need to make a reservation for a specific day and time.

Ibiza yacht massage

Ibiza Yacht massage

Ibiza yacht massage is exactly what you understand. This means you can hire the most gorgeous masseuses to spend some time on your yacht, sailing together for as many hours as you wish.

Besides sailing, you will also enjoy their erotic bodywork. A true privilege for you and also to share with your best friends!

As you can see, Yacht massage is the most special outcall service available in Ibiza! So a truly nice idea for this amazing Summer!

We sometimes also call it on board massage. Because the location and its magic have an effect on the sensual massage experience!

As you expected, it is about hiring one —or several— erotic masseuses. Namely by hours to keep you company on your boat.

Does it include the erotic massage service? Absolutely!

Yacht massage or company by hours

So you can now enjoy the lady you choose for as many hours as you wish. Please feel free to choose as many ladies as you need.

Starting by a 3 hours period of time, you can also extend it to much more. Depending on how many hours you are planning to sail.

Please call our phone valet to discuss further details.

Round-sail to Formentera

The most frequent assignment the ladies are serving is a day trip to Formentera. The island happens to be quite close to Ibiza, so it is about a 90 minutes ride.

There are some very conveniently located restaurants that can bring you the meal on board.

Anchored on these white sand beaches you’ll feel almost like sailing the Caribbean. In fact, many fashion editorials are shot here in Formentera, and readers take it for much far away destinations.


You are free to choose the kind of service you wish. Just call us on the phone to discuss the details.

Finally, here you can see some of the available masseuses. Please mention the number in case you need some more.

Best massage in Ibiza

Best massage in Ibiza

The best massage in Ibiza is obviously the one you are going to have with one of these amazing masseuses!

Though ago on reading first. Since there is much more you need to learn about them!

Our female masseuses are well-known erotic professionals in Spain and Europe. They are the sexy pin-up beauties with nice faces, beautiful breasts and “hour-glass” waists: so not recommended for men in danger of heart-attack!

The best erotic Massage in Ibiza

It is about time for you to discover the latest trends in erotic massage! Camilla and all other ladies working with us this year are the most expert Nuru massage therapists! All of them are extremely sexy! Also extremely exciting and passionate.

Best hotel massage Ibiza

Hotel massage means we come to your location. Namely to perform the massage you desire right in your hotel room. Isn’t that extremely convenient!

Consequently serving villas, fincas and private apartments as well.

Ibiza Tantra massage

You also desire to explore the Real Tantra massage in Ibiza! Take your time and check our True Tantra massage experts. Like Camilla, Aura and Mey!

Exclusive in Ibiza

We wish to point out that we are a premium massage service. Our clients are gentlemen who know what they want.

That’s why the most demanding gentlemen send us reviews like these!

Ibiza ladies

The sexiest ladies in Ibiza should not be just gorgeous. They should excel in the hottest bodywork!

Ibiza massages do mean highest quality and best massage price! Only with us!

Enjoy the best massages for erotic bodywork in Ibiza

So what is the best thing to do after landing on this amazing island of Ibiza? Precisely our best relaxing massages!

Just in a short while, or tomorrow, because planning ahead will help you choosing and getting the best lady available!

24 hours massages

After a flight, be it a long or a short one, our bodywork is the right way to invest in your own pleasure and well-being. Thanks to this sort of release you will feel balanced again and therefore able to face any kind of challenge: socializing, making business, or just having a nice time at the beach.

Please book your appointment ahead of time if you prefer your session after 11 PM.

Best quality massages

Quality is our key word. We offer a quite different service because we focus on beauty and professional quality. Massage is not just stroking. All these female masseuses are talented and sexy young ladies. They are expert in erotic massage and absolutely master sensuality and eroticism.

Besides, our female masseuses perform the really sexiest bodywork!

Discover this convenient service for your pleasure. It is out-call service we provide to hotels and private apartments. Depending on our location we can be at your door as soon as in 30, 45 or 60 minutes. So choose your lady and book now!

Hotel massage in Ibiza: enjoy it now!

Our erotic sensual massage in Ibiza will take you beyond the usual boundaries of a therapy legitimate massage. Because those are usually limited to certain areas of your anatomy. While erotic massage is bringing the experience a bit further, taking it to the world of sensuality. So you enjoy some real bliss, you can also achieve ecstasy and ejaculation. This is an amazing release! You will see soon!

Read more about what our female Tantra masseuses can do and get ready to enjoy a really special body to body massage.

Finally, check also: What is erotic massage — Female masseuses