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Contact erotic Massage in Ibiza is as easy, convenient, and quick as this… and always discrete!

Voice call

Call us! Use a voice call

The best way to have all the information you need is calling us directly. This way we can handle all the information you need and also proceed to the booking.


If you prefer texting us please send us an SMS. We will answer as soon as we can.

whatsApp contact

For cost aware clients we also answer using whatsApp. So not just by texting, also voice call and voice messages.

Please use this whatsApp number.

Though please not we never use this app to send pictures. Because all the pictures we have are already published on this website and: erotic massage in ibiza.

e-mail contact

If your request can wait and therefore it is not for last minute appointments, pelase use our e-mail address.

Lastly, please check the massage prices here! Because many guys asking for the prices have them much nearer than they think.

Finally, check the uopdated catalog of ladies!

By they way, did you know what erotic massage is all about? Also what is Tantric massage?

We hope to see you soon!

If you are looking for male masseurs, please don’t forget to check male masseur in Ibiza.