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Faqs is an extremely relevant item to understand any sort of service. This is why we are including here also all these questions about our service. And much more!

Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs

It is absolutely normal that you have questions before booking our massage service. Even before deciding if this is the service according to your needs and expectations. If you can’t find the question and answer you are thinking of please contact us on the phone.

We will be really happy to talk to you!

Why should I hire you?

Because we are the best quality sensual massage service in Ibiza.
We are also extremely reliable in all aspects. Because to us honesty is a key value. We don’t lie about the time the masseuse needs to get to your door (ETA). We don’t lie about the service descriptions, our ladies are the real ladies on the pictures. You won’t be served by a random lady not shown on this website.
Our prices are balanced. Maximum quality for the reasonable price. Other services promises longer session times and leave whenever you release.
All of us ladies are professional masseuses. And extremely talented for this style of bodywork!

Specific FAQs about Ibiza erotic massage

The most frequent question about our massage service in Ibiza is why we can’t serve a 150 € massage in Sant Antoni de Portmany. The answer is easy: the taxi costs 40 € back and 40 € forth, this makes more than half the price of this massage.

But of course we can travel to Sant Antoni and serve you! We just have to ask for the additional taxi expenses. Same thing applies to other locations far from Ibiza city center.

Topics of these FAQs

As you can see the topics of the questions go from protocol issues as towels to intimate aspects. These are some of them:

The difference between a massage service and the service offered by an escort, “are you discrete enough for a hotel service?”, “how expert are you?”. Also “how long does it take to be at my door”, cash payment versus credit card, currencies accepted, legal service, legal and professional massage studio, “what about tips?”.

Then also the differences between in-call price and out-call price. How to plan a massage session, massage table or tatami, real photographs. Curios questions as “are your pictures photoShop edited?”. Also mutual attraction issues as “do you ever get aroused?”. Maybe silly stuff as “are the drinks free?”, I’m nervous because this is my first time. Finally, “do you travel?”, “should I switch off my cell phone during the massage?”.

Masseuses or escorts?

Setting up an appointment with a professional masseuse is safer than booking a regular lady. The massage service is elaborate and set to enjoy a much longer session.

A session with an escort might take 10-15 minutes or just until you release.

Massage instead will provide you with an extended enjoyment of sensual, erotic intensity for both body and mind. You won’t have any kind of surprise, with us you are 100% safe.

What is the difference between sex and massage?

Massage involves the therapist’s body except vagina, anus and mouth. The lady will perform an amazing full body erotic massage —including her chest in the “extremely erotic” massage menu— for your pleasure.

The lady will not offer “lollypop” nor penetration since this is not considered a massage.

If you have any questions about this subject please feel free to call us right now on the phone. Please do not use blocked numbers.

Discretion FAQs

Our service is absolutely discrete. We are nor curious nor interested in our customers’ identity nor profile. Of course we never expose our customers to any kind of uncomfortable situations.

Lastly, we focus on our job, and it unfolds in the privacy of a hotel room. Erotic massage is our calling and our only goal is performing a wonderful massage for your satisfaction.

We know all the best ways not to expose your profile. You might be hosted together with some business colleagues in the next rooms to yours. Please let us know and we will discuss the best way to be silent.

We are used to have direct access to all hotel rooms in the main 4 and 5 stars hotels in Spain. Since we are no prostitutes, we know a thing or two about dressing correctly and speaking with the right behavior to the lobby staff if they ask us.

“How expert are you?”

Erotic massage is our job since 2002 to the most experienced of us. We are serving Ibiza since 2010 though. All of our ladies underwent a specific training to perform erotic Tantra massage and all of them have the therapy massage foundation.

Lingam massage is a relevant discipline we also master beyond the usual levels of Spanish massage agencies.

Nuru-massage is also a special kind of Japanese and erotic massage we master to professional level. This means we are far more expert than other masseuses who just limit to touch down there their customers.

To answer how expert we are you might read our customers’ reviews. We have served thousands of local and international recurring customers. We keep recurring customers since the very first season in Ibiza and we are constantly being recommended by word of mouth.

“Who are your customers?”

Our customers are international and local businessmen, local and international tourists, local Ibiza customers. Men of all kinds and all ages older than 21. We also serve all kind of couples: bisexual couples, straight couples.

All of our customers share some very specific assets though: good taste, high educational level, high social level and the will and the interest to enjoy the best things life can offer.

Common FAQs: “Do you serve couples?”

Yes we do! We can serve you an erotic couple massage. As two ladies or you can share one masseuse. We can serve your spouse bringing a male erotic masseur.

“Do I have to meet any conditions?”

You don’t have to meet any specific conditions to enjoy our erotic massage service —as long as you are older than 21 years. It is relevant though that you share with us the importance of personal hygiene. Mutual respect is also relevant.

FAQs about payment

We accept only cash payment. You are free to pay before enjoying the massage.

Currencies accepted

We accept only Euros (€)

Sometimes certain ladies can accept US dollars. Please note the exchange rates from US$ may change and that we get less Euros than you think. Try it yourself going to a bank or an exchange service so you understand!

Finally, and on a funny note, remember we are a massage service, not a bank or a currency exchange office. Those will never give you a massage 😉

Legal FAQs: “Is your service legal?”

Yes, and lawful! We pay our taxes, Social Security and report to the Spanish Ministerio de Hacienda. All therapists are free-lancers advertising on this website.

One of our most important goals is protecting your privacy. This is an important reason for us to be strictly legal on all terms.

“Who are you ladies?”

We are not an agency. We are a group of female masseuses who know each other well. Many of us started working together in Barcelona but are now spread around Spain, meaning Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Ibiza. We can serve a much higher quality massage service than any regular agency. Thus the money you pay is to pay us for our job.

“Who is answering the phone?”

It might be Helena, Angie or Paco. They are assisting us with our job. Paco is a very good friend of us and he’s not a pimp. He knows perfectly what our job is about since he is a masseur himself. We hire him to help us in different tasks. Paco takes good care of us and is able to fix any kind of problems that need to be fronted by a man.


We never ask for a tip. We don’t think this is professional attitude for any kind of job in Europe. You are free to tip us if you enjoyed our service or you appreciated the performance of our bodywork beyond the regular quality standards.

Location: in-call and out-call

We focus on out-call, serving hotels, villas, “fincas” and private apartments.

If you need an in-call service we can help you as well. Some of our ladies have a place to welcome you. The prices are exactly the same. Please understand that not all of the therapists have a massage studio though. Our phone service will tell you who is available for a massage in a studio at a given time.

FAQs about contacting and booking

It is very easy, you have several ways to contact us: call us, send an SMS, a whatsApp message, whatever suites you best.

You are welcomed to ask whatever questions you have. Lastly, our goal is delivering the happy ending massage you dream about.

“Can I send you an e-mail?”

We don’t answer e-mails. We are certain that phone, SMS and WhatsApp are the most efficient and safe ways to communicate..

“Are you immediately answering?”

We immediately answer calls, SMS and whatsApp messages. If we can’t answer please leave a message or send us an SMS with your specific request.

Sometimes we are really busy on the phone. We will answer asap or you can call again after a while.

Please be aware that we —obviously— are unable to answer blocked caller IDs 😉

FAQs about planning a session

You can plan your massage session whenever you want. We can discuss the openings for a given day or week. You can also call shortly before your desired appointment time. We are sometimes available even 45 minutes after your call and confirmation.

What is better: studio in-call or hotel out-call?

The quality of our bodywork is the same. It is your personal choice since the prices and the ladies are exactly the same.

Please have in mind that not all of us ladies do own a massage studio. Please call to check who can serve you an in-call massage.

“Do you carry a massage table to the hotel?”

We use the hotel bed since it allows a more intimate body to body massage. We are used to all kind of beds and surfaces and can equally adapt the needed pressure and grips.

FAQs about flexibility

We can also be very flexible for any kind of schedule, time and location. Please feel free to ask if you need a specific or a special service.

See below “do you travel?”. Of course we will need your collaboration to adapt to certain time ranges. We will always lend you a helping hand if you have specific requests.

Please be realistic 😉

“Are your photographs real?”

Absolutely. We book professional photo shootings frequently to keep our face and body current to our real stats. This is as important to us as it might be to you that you choose the massage service performed by the masseuse following your personal preferences. It would be silly to offer you somebody who looks different from the pictures. We look exactly how you see us on the pictures!

Since 2010!

Mutual attraction

Sometimes we are asked about this. Does it happen? Do we get sexually excited during your massage session in Ibiza with you? Logically we can only answer if we know you from a previous massage session or during and after meeting you personally for the first time.

Intimate FAQs: “Will you get excited?”

Well, we are human! This can happen. Though this is not the goal of your massage session, since it is about your enjoyment and not ours. We are no escorts so we won’t take advantage of it to sell you a different service other than massage.

Though please check the different massage prices, since the higher voltage sessions are also possible!

“Can I release twice?”

This depends on the massage session length (most likely during the extremely erotic 90 minutes massage and longer) and also depending on your personal characteristics. You can achieve even more than two releases during the 90 and 120 minutes massage sessions. Please let your masseuse know so she can focus on this specific request.

Please note that 1 hour sessions are a bit restrictive in techniques, so you we can only guarantee one release.

FAQs about music or silence

It is your choice when enjoying the massage in your hotel room. Some of the ladies will let you choose the play-list to match the massage session: world music, oriental, relaxing, soft pop, blues or jazz.

“I’m nervous —it’s my first time”

Don’t be! Because the massage we perform on you is for your pleasure, your relaxation. Sensual massage will never hurt you, especially since this is a bodywork for sweetness. Don’t feel intimidated: once we meet you will feel very at ease. We are very easy going and spontaneous. Because a relevant part of our job is about making you feel comfortable. You will be the only man in the world during our massage session!

“Do you travel?”

Yes. We understand as traveling any massage session that needs leaving Ibiza city or even the island. Please call us to discuss this. When traveling you are responsible for the transport fees (car, train or plane), accommodation and meals. Besides we need to charge the hourly fee for all the time we’ll spend to be out of the city.

“Should I switch off my cell phone?”

Yes. It is important that the session happens in calm, privacy and intimacy. Anything disturbing like the ringing of a cell phone will break our connection. Please put your cell-phone on silent or on airplane mode.

Unless you are awaiting a very relevant call, and please let us know before starting.


If reviews about massage and testimonials about our erotic massage are relevant to you I encourage you to read them!

Last FAQs, more differences

Another difference between an escort and a professional masseuse is the attitude towards your body. While an escort will take you to release as fast as possible to end her job the sooner the better, our lady masseuses have the opposite goal: the longer the better.

So your enjoyment time will be much longer by ordering a massage. Your release will also be more powerful, longer and much more satisfying. Men who try massage for the first time always tell us the same:

“I just spent 2.000 € on escorts, but this 350 € massage has been like ten-thousand times better.”

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