First off, discretion and privacy are the “must” to us in Ibiza to serve you correctly. This is why there is no problem by hiring a masseuse to perform a sensual massage in your hotel room —or at Camilla’s apartment. It is a frequent service provided by professional massage therapists.

Maximum discretion in Ibiza

Because it’s about respecting and protecting your privacy!

Hotel staff will make no questions and you can enjoy your sensual massage. You know it is the safe, discrete and anonymous service. Our masseuses are no prostitutes. So they are allowed to visit you at your room.

Discretion: trustworthy

However we know you don’t want to expose your profile. This is why our massage service is the most trustworthy in Spain. Discretion is a must to us.

Discretion: dressing as regular young ladies

We focus on professional hotel out-call massage service and on discretion. Our lady masseuses are no escorts. They dress as regular and elegant young ladies in Ibiza style. Never over-doing their looks nor make-up, with a natural feminine behavior, never flashy or calling for unneeded attention.

Discretion: Premium service and privacy

Our out-call service in Ibiza is a premium service for many reasons: our massage is professional and with the maximum massage quality. Our goal is excellence. And our customers tell us we achieve it all the times. Let alone our ladies are talented for some high voltage erotic bodywork. But discretion and nice natural manners are vital to protect your profile.

All of our masseuses are fluent in English, some of them also in Russian, French and Italian.

Discretion: Quality massage in Ibiza

Discretion is one of the relevant aspects we care about. Quality is not just a word to us. We take it extremely seriously to all the extent of our service.

From spoken communication and customer service on the phone and answering your e-mails to the quality of our massage itself.

We have been serving hotel massage in Spain since 2010 and our number of customers is increasing constantly in Ibiza, Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia. Also recently starting in Marbella.

Word of mouth only happens when there is a quality service. And these are us!

We are constantly being recommend by customers we served before —and word of mouth! So the index of recurring clients also makes us very proud. We score the highest in Spain!

Quality customers in Ibiza —the customers we serve

Our customers are highly educated gentlemen, businessmen and professional visitors coming not just from Spain and Mediterranean countries but from all the countries in the world.

In Ibiza our customers share a high social profile. Our customers are not satisfied with a “whatever” massage service. They aim for the best, for excellent quality in all aspects a massage can offer: massage therapy, erotic bodywork, let alone the ladies’ flawless facial beauty and body beauty.

Please feel free to check specific reviews about our service.

Our customers are experienced men who know what they want —and usually get it.

They are men who know how to enjoy and how to score the quality of a service. Our customers have some excellent taste when it comes to choose a masseuse and the best quality massage service. The proof is they call back again and again.

We are professional —as the opposite to amateurs!

Finally, we can’t warn you enough from impostor websites and masseuses. We get many comments about them by the customers who first try their really expensive services but feel absolutely deceived by them.

Be safe and hire the most reliable erotic massage service in Ibiza!

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