Ibiza Yacht massage

Ibiza yacht massage

Ibiza yacht massage is exactly what you understand. This means you can hire the most gorgeous masseuses to spend some time on your yacht, sailing together for as many hours as you wish.

Besides sailing, you will also enjoy their erotic bodywork. A true privilege for you and also to share with your best friends!

As you can see, Yacht massage is the most special outcall service available in Ibiza! So a truly nice idea for this amazing Summer!

We sometimes also call it on board massage. Because the location and its magic have an effect on the sensual massage experience!

As you expected, it is about hiring one —or several— erotic masseuses. Namely by hours to keep you company on your boat.

Does it include the erotic massage service? Absolutely!

Yacht massage or company by hours

So you can now enjoy the lady you choose for as many hours as you wish. Please feel free to choose as many ladies as you need.

Starting by a 3 hours period of time, you can also extend it to much more. Depending on how many hours you are planning to sail.

Please call our phone valet to discuss further details.

Round-sail to Formentera

The most frequent assignment the ladies are serving is a day trip to Formentera. The island happens to be quite close to Ibiza, so it is about a 90 minutes ride.

There are some very conveniently located restaurants that can bring you the meal on board.

Anchored on these white sand beaches you’ll feel almost like sailing the Caribbean. In fact, many fashion editorials are shot here in Formentera, and readers take it for much far away destinations.


You are free to choose the kind of service you wish. Just call us on the phone to discuss the details.

Finally, here you can see some of the available masseuses. Please mention the number in case you need some more.





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