Lingam massage Ibiza

Try the new lingam massage Ibiza!

Lingam massage Ibiza: because we are the most expert masseuses!

First off, did you know Lingam massage is not only a technique but a talent?

Trust us because we go beyond the simple training, we turn eroticsm into this seducing and stimulating talent!

Sexual fantasies Ibiza

Now you are in ibiza you can finally feel free and release from stress and routine. So it is about time you live up your hottest fantasies!

As you know, sensual and sexual fantasies are a relevant once you reach in Ibiza. This is the island where you are free to enjoy whatever hot stuff you wish to experience!

What is Lingam massage?

So Lingam massage Ibiza is about a very special stimulation. “Lingam” means “penis” in the ancient Sanskrit language from India.

Though Lingam is the sacred organ, it is literally translated meaning “light stick”. This stick will illuminate your life, your body and mind. On top of this, we know exactly how to make it work!

Grips of lingam

Since Lingam massage techniques are not just a bunch of strokes. The best masseuses need to be trained!

We are very expert and know the widest range of lingam massage techniques in Ibiza.

Call us now to make your reservation! We will be very happy to serve you and give you the kind of pleasure you are craving for!

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Eroticism using lingam massage

Yes the kind of stimulating lingam massage Ibiza we are offering you is a very hot experience.

One of the main features is making your pleasure last as long as possible. Some men call it “edging”. We will be stimulating you during one hour, 90 minutes or even 2 hours. It all depends on the session length you prefer.

You are also welcomed to climax twice or even three times. It all depends on the session time you choose.

Please see the prices here: Hotel Massage in Ibiza!

Out-call lingam massage Ibiza

We are very discreet. Always!

Are you e in your hotel in Ibiza or in Sant Antoni? Have us travel to your location!

Since we are used to serve the most luxurious hotels in Ibiza. We can easily access your door. So you save your time and the taxi expenses of traveling around the island.

In-call lingam massage Ibiza

If you prefer visiting us at our studio just say so! Make your booking on the phone or via SMS and we will see you at our place!

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See you in Ibiza!

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