Massage prices

Massage prices are logically different for all the different options.

For a start we can offer you a wide range of therapies, always according to the erotic intensity you desire. You are welcomed to check the prices in euros (€) on the specific page for each menu.

New this year

First off, let’s introduce you to Nuru massage Ibiza, the sexiest trend this coming Summer!

Now you can also find more information about Nuru massage Ibiza!

From Relaxing to Extremely Erotic Massages

Besides, our erotic massage sessions in Ibiza go from Relaxing to Extremely Erotic. Consequently from very affordable to really lush erotic bodywork experiences. All of them are always performed with the most professional and giving attitude by the female masseuses.

Check the updated catalog of available female masseuses in Ibiza!

Session time length

You can also choose the length of the massage session: 45, 60 minutes, 75, 90 minutes and 2 hours. As you guess, prices are proportional to the session length.

So let’s check the massage prices in detail!

Relaxing massage

45 minutes Relaxing

150 €

More details on relaxing massage Ibiza.

Medium erotic massage

60 minutes Medium erotic

200 €

Extremely erotic massage

Starting at 200 €

60 minutes Extremely erotic

200 €

75 minutes Extremely erotic

250 €

90 minutes Extremely erotic

300 €

115 minutes Extremely erotic

350 €

120 minutes Extremely erotic

400 €

Other massage options

We also include prostate massage if your request it, always in sessions or one hour and longer.

And of course we are also performing the most amazing and trendiest erotic massage this year: nuru massage. Did you already try it?

Since the Summer in Ibiza can be a very hot season, you can also choose enjoying a super exciting erotic shower together with your masseuse. So what is this erotic shower all about?

Massage prices for extras?

Sometimes certain gentlemen are asking for personal extras though. So please feel free to contact us and discuss the details you are fantasising about. Because not all the ladies advertising here are offering all of these extras. The phone valet can suggest the ideal therapist for you!

Available female masseuses

Where can I see the ladies catalog?”

Please check hotel massage Ibiza. As we pointed out before, the most updated catalo is on female masseuses in Ibiza!

Extremely erotic massage for couples in Ibiza

We are also serving couples. See prices for couple massage: you can choose a massage for 1 masseuse to share or two masseuses. It’s best to choose a masseuse for each of you, because you can also combine female and male masseurs.

More about couples massage Ibiza here!

Your location does matter!

Logically it is important for us to know your location so we can calculate the ETA. By the way, ETA goes for “Estimated Time of Arrival” for the masseuse you choose.

Contact us if you have any questions, and also to make your booking.

Finally, do you want to know in more detail what is erotic massage?