The new 2021 Nuru Massage Ibiza

Nuru massage Ibiza is the trendiest erotic massage this Summer!

You can’t miss this incredible and unique experience!

Discover the super sexy Nuru massage!

First off, let’s get ready to know everything about it!

You will most probably need to try it!

Nuru erotic massage

Asa you guess, Nuru massage is an extremely erotic and sexy massage, for the record. Most of the guys feel the need to finish it making love because the chemistry gets absolutely above the usual limits of massage!

Only the most proficient massage fans heard about it before though.

It’s your turn now! Because you absolutely deserve it!

So what is Nuru?

Nuru is a Japanese sea-weed that grows around the island.

Besides, this weed has been used for thousands of years to produce different sorts of creams and jellies.

Until somebody first use it on his body —and his wife’s!

Because this Nuru gel allows a super gliding contact. Especially when you use it on two human bodies. So rubbing against each other feels absolutely sexy, hot and… what else? Extremely exciting!

This is why we use this Nuru gel to provide you with an amazing erotic massage experience!

60 minutes Nuru Massage Ibiza

We will start this massage experience with some mutual soft caressing. So the right amount of time to empty your mind from stress.

Of course the protocols and features will vary depending on the time length you choose.

Next, the focus is sooner set to sexual excitement. Because the Nuru gel allows the longest time of body to body massage.

What body parts will she use? The lady masseuse will not only use her hands and forearms but her full body and also her breasts. Like this she will perform a very long and intense body to body massage.

The lady you choose will be totally naked —also taking off her thong.

Price: 250 €.

90 minutes Nuru Erotic massage

First off, this extended session is the starting point from which we developed the 60 minutes. This is the full length version.

This longer session starts also with some spiritual relaxation. Just enough to empty your mind.

Because the focus of this and the 120 minutes sessions is the most intense body to body contact to increase sexual arousing. So enjoy the longest time ever of body to body massage!

You can also request two or more happy endings or climaxes in these 90 and 120 minutes sessions. We see it as a “constant and never ending” happy therapy!

Enjoy prostate, perianal and anal massage, which are absolutely included!

Finally, don’t forget you can sweetly caress the masseuse’s body, including her breasts, always following her pace.

Price: 350 €.

120 minutes Nuru session

This 2-hour extremely erotic menu is the full original Nuru massage package.

Of course it includes all the features we are describing in the previous sessions.

Towards the end of the session you will also enjoy tantric or “Kama-Sutra” couple postures —without penetration.

Price: 500 €.

Do you want to choose among different professional masseuses who master this special experience?

Please kindly check the updated pictures and profiles here: erotic massage Ibiza 2021.

Grips we use for Nuru massage

Finally, a huge list of grips we are including in this amazing therapy! Of course the amount of techniques will depend on the time length you choose.

So this is the full list:

  • Starting spiritual relaxation
  • Feet reflexology
  • Buttocks relaxation and stimulation
  • Perineal relaxation and stimulation
  • Nuad-Thai using masseuses’ feet and legs
  • Lumbar relaxation and stimulation
  • Cervical and shoulders relaxation and stimulation
  • Body to body massage on your back
  • Perianal massage on your back
  • Anal and prostate massage on your back
  • Perianal massage on your front
  • Anal and prostate massage on your front
  • Testicle massage on your back
  • Testicle massage on your front
  • Abs and belly massage
  • Chest massage and nipple stimulation
  • “Lingam” massage (*)
  • Frontal body to body massage
  • Craneal relaxation
  • Facial massage
  • Hands massage
  • Sensitive relaxing massage
  • You are allowed to touch the lady masseuse
  • Two or three orgasms with ejaculation
  • Tantric postures or “kama-sutra” postures

Before calling, check also: PricesFemale masseuses. And finally contact us to set up your best appointment!

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