Outcall massage and sex in Ibiza

Out-call massage and sex

What are the limits or what is the difference between massage and sex? This is one of the most frequent questions we are having these days.

We want to be honest from the start.

Other websites might be trying to trick you. We are straightforward and honest about our service limits and terms.

Call us and let's discuss personally the kind of service you are interested in.

Out-call massage is not sex

Massage and sex are two different words. And they are no synonyms. They have different meanings. Even talking about eroticism.

Out-call sex massage: defining the red lines

We understand that when massage gets intimate, erotic and sexual, as it takes you to climax, the limits get blurry. Anyway, there is a big difference in what we female masseuses are willing to do in our jobs.

Out-call sex massage and releasing bodywork

Massage means all of us Tantra masseuses ladies have a professional foundation and a specific training for erotic Tantra bodywork. We also know how to use our hands to give a therapy massage.

Enjoy sex massage: it's much better than regular sex!

If you are looking for the best and most excellent massage in Ibiza you just found the right place. Now you are just one call away from enjoying it.

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Outcall massage and sex in Ibiza
Outcall massage and sex in Ibiza