Extremely Erotic Massage

This is the massage for the real experts! Gentlemen who know what they want are choosing this amazing experience!

Is it almost sex?

What are all the features?

Extremely erotic massage

This is the only massage our ladies are performing totally naked —taking off their things!

And you are also allowed to touch us all over our bodies!

This massage menu starts with a shorter spiritual relaxation, just enough to empty your mind from stress and trouble.

The focus is sooner set to sexual excitement. It offers the longest time of body to body massage.

The lady masseuse will use her hands, her forearms and her full body and breasts to perform a very long and intense body to body Nuru-massage.

The focus on this massage menu is the maximum erotic intensity and sexual excitement. It is more sexual and intimate than the previous menus.

You can also enjoy prostate massage and anal massage on demand.

The most relevant —and hottest fact!— is that you can also sweetly caress the masseuse, including her breasts, following her pace. Some of the ladies offer totally naked massage —taking off their thongs. You need to speak to them personally about this.

60 minutes: 250 €

75 minutes: 300 €

90 minutes: 350 €

120 minutes: 500 €

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"Erotic shower" is included in the 75, 90 and 120 minutes extremely erotic packages.

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Gentlemen who prefer the Extremely Erotic Massage sometimes wonder if sex massage wouldn't be better.

Relaxing massage

This is just our starting point!

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Prostate massage

This package is more intimate than the "Relaxing massage". Discover the bliss of prostate and anal massage!

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Massage for couples

This is the perfect experience for couples visiting Ibiza. Share the complicity and explore new limits and new possibilities for your intimate world.

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Ibiza escorts price

Please call us to check the prices for full sex services. Including not only erotic massage but also oral sex and full intercourse.

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Prices of massage in Ibiza

All our massage menus are incredibly amazing! What is your main preference?