Professional tantric massage

Ibiza tantric massage

You maybe heard about Tantra. What is it all about?

What is tantric massage?

Tantric massage is the sacred bodywork.

You probably heard about Sting and his wife having "tantric sex" for hours.

Well, this is just the starting point!

There is a lot to say about Tantra, but we'll keep it short here. Maybe you already know a lot about it.

Just a few keywords:


Intimate communication

Ejaculation control

Sacred sexuality

Mutual respect

Of course we also perform the sexiest tantric massage, just the way you'll enjoy the most!

Professional tantric massage

You can see tantric massage as a different or even peculiar style of erotic massage.

The truth is it needs some very specific training. And you bet not all female masseuses have undergone it.

Besides the training, the therapist's attitude is extremely relevant. Knowing the techniques is never enough!

So talent is the key.

Knowing how to use Word —the software— doesn't make anybody a writer.

 So, as in all departments of life, you'll find true and fake tantric masseuses.

Of course we are honest at all times.

If you call us asking for True Tantra we will suggest the right ladies. Only the ones who master the true Tantra rituals.

Professional tantric therapists

 Aura, Lidia and Camilla are the only ladies who perform the pure Tantra in Ibiza.

Lidia and Camilla also offer all the other erotic massage therapies we offer on thsi website.

Aura is only offering the true Tantra experiences.

Tantric massage prices

 Aura can also offer you different levels of tantric massages.

Basic Tantra

Let Aura introduce you to spiritual Tantra. She will guide you through the basic techniques of Tantric massage. Please have in mind this is a receiving massage. Aura will use her hands and her forearms. She will also perform some of body to body massage. The focus on this massage menu is relaxation, peace and calm. Aura is wearing a thong.

60 minutes: 150 €


The second step is diving a little more into Tantra secrets. You can see the spiritual Tantra as the first step to explore sacred pleasure as stimulating Chakra number 1 or prostate pleasure. Aura will use her hands and her forearms. She will perform some longer body to body contact. The focus on this massage menu is taking your mind far away from stress and trouble. Aura is wearing a thong.

90 minutes: 250 €

Extended Tantra

The third step is reaching the most secret places of intimate sensual communication. You will explore together with Aura Chakra number 1 and several others, until touching your connection to the Universe. Aura will allow a much longer body to body contact. The focus on this massage menu is awareness and connection. Aura is absolutely naked and will allow reciprocal touch.

120 minutes: 350 €

Out-call Tantra massage

Aura will travel to your location. Be it a hotel or a private apartment. Please call us to book ahead of time.

Tantra masseuse Aura

Ibiza tantric massage with Aura