Nuru massage Ibiza Camilla

Nuru Massage Ibiza

Gentlemen who are proficient about receiving and enjoying the best erotic massages already know.

And so do our Nuru specialists: Camilla, Luna and Mey!

Camilla, Luna and Mey are the best trained Nuru masseuses in Ibiza —and maybe in all Spain. They are super expert using the hottest techniques!

Nuru massage is an extremely hot and sexy experience!

So what is Nuru all about?

Nuru the Japanese gel

Nuru is a very specific sea-weed. It gros in the Sea of Japan, around the whole island.

 Japanese culture and traditions have been using it to produce a kind of gel.

This is what we call the Nuru gel.

The special feature of this Nuru gel is its amazingly sliding texture. So it is not an oil and not a cream.

It's pure gel!

Nuru erotic massage

So how do we use the Nuru gel for our massage?

Nuru massage features

This is a massage experience that needs us ladies to be totally naked!

We spread the Nuru-gel on top of our bodies —you and us ladies.

Consequently you are also allowed to touch us all over our bodies!

The Nuru gel massage menu starts dry at first, warming up your body with sweet caresses.

When the moment is come we use the gel on both our bodies.

Hottest Nuru massage Ibiza: the sexual chemistry

Rubbing our bodies against each other will soon result in an incredibly high sexual excitement.

We perform this body to body contact during the longest time you can take.

You bet  this massage menu is achieving the maximum erotic intensity and the most electric and ecstatic sexual excitement.

As a result you may achieve several climaxes.

The result is a much more intimate and sexual therapy the previous packages.

If you say so you can also enjoy prostate massage and anal massage.

Nuru massage Ibiza prices

The longer the session the more techniques we will be able to perform. One climax is included in the one hour package. For more than two climaxes please hire the 90 minutes sessions.

60 minutes: 250 €

75 minutes: 300 €

90 minutes: 350 €

120 minutes: 500 €

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"Erotic shower" is included in the 75, 90 and 120 minutes extremely erotic and Nuru massage packages.

Other massages

Gentlemen who prefer the Extremely Erotic Massage sometimes wonder if sex massage wouldn't be better.

Relaxing massage

This is just our starting point!

Price and description

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Prostate massage

This package is more intimate than the "Relaxing massage". Discover the bliss of prostate and anal massage!

Price and description

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Massage for couples

This is the perfect experience for couples visiting Ibiza. Share the complicity and explore new limits and new possibilities for your intimate world.

Price and description

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Ibiza escorts price

Please call us to check the prices for full sex services. Including not only erotic massage but also oral sex and full intercourse.

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Prices of massage in Ibiza

All our massage menus are incredibly amazing! What is your main preference?