Erotic tantric massage in Ibiza

Tantric massage in Ibiza

As many men already know, Ibiza is not a too spiritual destination.

Because Ibiza is well known for the constant party atmosphere. Music, alcohol, sex and fun!

That's absolutely ok!

So many other gentlemen who value the deepest and most spiritual aspects of sensuality are left with very few options.

The goal of tantric massage

Tantric massage will always be a very special experience. Because it understands sexuality as a connection between two human beings.

Sex is not only a mechanic act for pleasure, but a deep and meaningful way to connect with the person you like.

Or the person who you desire to be with.

Tantric massage grips

To achieve this meaningful and mindful connection Tantra uses a lot of grips.

But it is not only about protocols or tricks.

The whole mental and sensual attitude of the therapist are extremely relevant.

Knowing the grips is not enough. A true talent and a quality training are the keys to offer the best tantric massage!

Lingam massage and ejaculation control

Tantric massage ensures you a much longer time of sensual and sexual enjoyment.

Because one of the most relevant aspects is ejaculation control.

The other three relevant features that set tantric massage apart from everything else are these:

Lingam massage

Prostate massage


Effects of tantric massage

Tantric massage has only beneficial effects.

Because emotional balance, sexual satisfaction and a deeper spiritual peace can only be seen as benefits.

The lack of guilt is also a relevant benefit. Because most of the gentlemen don't see a tantric massage as a way of cheating on their spouses.

This is the right moment to state that tantric massage does not equal tantric sex. We all know there are different words for different things. So massage and sex are two different practices.

Tantric massage in Ibiza with Aura

Tantric massage in Ibiza is offered by the highest quality professionals. As Aura, Camilla, Lidia and Mey.

Prices of Tantric massage

We can offer you three different Tantra experiences. It all depends on how far or how long you want to go.

Start exploring your Universe of sensuality today!

Basic Tantric massage

Discover the new experience of Tantric massage in Ibiza! Aura, Camilla, Lidia or Mey will serve you the most special and spiritual Tantra.

This massage is the first dive into sacred sensuality. It is a receiving massage, the lady will wear a thing. Your female therapist will use her hands and forearms. Some body to body massage is also included. The focus of this experience is on relaxation, peace and calm.

The time of this experience is one full hour.

Price: 150 euros

Tantra massage

For those who after the basic Tantra need to explore a little bit more. This is also a receiving massage and your therapist will be wearing a thing. Including the stimulation of Chakra nmber 1, which is the prostate. Extended time of body to body massage. This is an extremely blissful massage!.

The time of this experience is 90 minutes.

Price: 250 euros

Extended Tantra massage

The third step is about exploring the connection of mutual touch. During this longer session your masseuse will not only guide you but also allow you touch her back.

The focus on this extended session is awareness and exploring new limits of sensuality and sexual stimulation. Aura's lingam massage is absolutely amazing!

The time of this experience is 120 minutes.

Price: 350 euros

 You will rarely find a Tantra therapist giving you the full time. We are honest at all times, and extremely reliable!

Out-call and in-call Tantra massage

Please have in mind that Aura, Mey and Lidia don't have a massage studio.

Camilla is the only tantric masseuse with her own private studio.

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Erotic tantric massage in Ibiza

Tantric massage in Ibiza with Aura

Erotic tantric massage in Ibiza

Tantric massage in Ibiza with Aura